-June 25th -

newest song off M.O.I's upcoming album called "Signs and Wonders"

-May 26th, 2006-
Moments of Inertia will be out at the Mustardseed Cafe tonight! Be sure to come out and possibly win a FREE copy of "Burning Sand" from Kevin's solo cd.

-April 13th, 2006-

Ok! Here is some fresh MOI news! Desi and Kevin will be starting on their 3rd album release "The Great Commission" in mid May. Be sure to check back for updates.

Kevin Bell is working with Director/Videographer Jeremy Ozborn on his upcoming video "A Time" on BURNING SAND.

- March 1st, 2006 -

Kevin Bell "Burning Sand" debut Solo release will be available April 17th. Pre order your copy today! The official store is now open. Go there for the official Kevin Bell merchandise!


- September 3rd, 2005 -

-Next Show - "MUSTARDSEED CAFE" on September 16th, 2005 at 7:30 pm. Come out and show your support!

- August 9th, 2005 -

Moments of Inertia will be performing at Generation Actz this Sunday evening August 14th. Goto website for further details and directions. www.generationactz.com
Show starts at 6:00 pm.

- August 1st, 2005-

Moments of Inertia will be performing on Friday, August 12th at the United Faith International Baptist Church. Show starts at 7:30 PM.

-July 18th, 2005-

Congratulations to Desi and Molly for the birth of their little child "Jordan"! Lets all keep them in our prayers.

-June 18th, 2005-

Shunning Evil is now available for purchase! Tshirts are also available. Moments of Inertia will be at the MustardSeed Cafe tonight for their CD release party! Don't miss out. There will also be gifts and prizes at the show! Hope to see you there! Moments of Inertia goes on at 8:00pm.

-May 23rd, 2005-

Welcome to M.O.I. Version 2.0!

Moments of Inertia are finishing up their second entitled release "Shunning Evil".

CD release party will be on June 18th at the MustardSeed Cafe.

- April 23rd, 2005 -

Moments of Inertia will have their New and Improved Website (M.O.I. Version 2.0) up sometime next month!

Keep checking back for upcoming events and information.




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